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“Taking pride in your ride”

Classic Auto, Inc. Repair Shop

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Oil changes, brakes, tune ups, timing belts, shocks/struts, fuel injection cleaning and service, air conditioning, heating/cooling systems, exhaust/mufflers, steering/suspension, major engine work and transmission work.

TIRES... We offer most brands, at very competitive prices.

At Classic Auto, we can cover all your automotive mechanical needs. Foreign and domestic.

We can do all your vehicles service intervals, normally below dealer pricing. Whether it is a 15k mile service, or a 115k mile service, Classic Auto is your full service facility.

"Quality Means Doing It Right...
When No One Is Looking

~ Henry Ford ~

Classic Auto
Maintenance Recommendations
Stay ahead of costly repairs and help maintain optimum fuel performance.

1. Basic Oil Change
Change oil, filter, lube chassis
includes Coolant, washer fluid, power steering fluid, plus general safety check.
Recommended interval: 3,000 miles for regular oil and 6,000 for synthetic oil.

2. Fuel System Cleaning
Professional fuel system cleaning includes fuel injectors, intake tract, throttle body,
plus fuel additive to clean fuel supply lines.
Keep fuel system in top condition fro best mileage and performance and prevent costly repairs.
Recommended interval: annually or 25,000 miles.

3. Two & Four Wheel Alignments
Check for worn suspension components. Adjust suspension within factory guidelines.
Save on premature tire replacement and maintain top fuel mileage.
Recommended interval: annually or 25,000 miles.

4. Rotate & Balance
Spin balance wheels & tires.
Promotes even tire wear and a more comfortable ride.
Recommended interval: 10,000 miles.

5. Air Conditioning Inspection
Inspect system  components, test operation, add refrigerant as necessary
and add leak detector dye if needed.
Basic service includes up to 1 pound of refrigerant
Don't wait until it's hot to have to be cool.
Recommended interval: annually.

6. Transmission Maintenance
Professionally flush entire system of impurities that are harmful to the internal
workings of your transmission. Replace filter if applicable.
Complete fluid change including converter, lines and cooler.
Prevent expensive transmission breakdowns and replacements.
Recommended interval: 35,000 miles.

7. Coolant Flush
Flush cooling system of impurities that attack aluminum components,
includes filling with new coolant and water pump lube & additive.
Extended water pump life and keeps you ready for all seasons.
Recommended interval: 30,000 miles.

8. Shocks & Struts
Have your shocks & struts checked.
Most should be replaced every 50,000 miles.
Prevent premature tire wear and maintain vehicle stability for safer driving.

Classic Auto, Inc. ~ East Hampton CT 06424 ~ (860) 267-8393

Classic Auto, Inc. ~ East Hampton CT 06424 ~ (860) 267-8393